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Get your processes moving at the speed you desire with Adelphi’s automated assembly lines, designed completely with your operations in mind.

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Automated Assembly Lines

Adelphi’s automated assembly lines are custom built for the requirements of your operations, offering a full turnkey solution for all types of industrial processes. This means whether you’re looking for a semi or fully automated solution, we can work with you to develop and integrate the solution you require.

Our expert team can do this for all types of assembly lines, including workstations, rotary assembly lines, and in-line assembly, designing and supplying both the mechanical and electrical components needed for a complete assembly line. Of course, we can do this in consideration of any existing robots or cobots you may have.

Utilising bespoke automated systems, our assembly lines are built to expertly handle, test, and inspect your products with total efficiency and accuracy, helping to increase the profitability and capabilities of your processes.

Adelphi’s complete service encompasses all stages of the fabrication process, from design and development, through to installation and commissioning, with the quality of our products and services at the forefront of all we do.

An assembly line works by passing a product down a line, where it will be processed as it passes through workstations positioned down the line. The workstations perform a specific task to complete the product assembly.

On an automated assembly line, the transferral of the product down the line, and the tasks performed at the workstations (such as assembly and inspection) will be automated depending on the level of automation required. The line will be programmed in order to carry out its tasks for the product specified.

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