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Robotic Deburring

Deburring end-of-arm solutions for accurate and efficient robotic deburring every time.

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Robotic Deburring

Adelphi’s robotic deburring solutions are designed for the high-quality deburring of all products and materials, with our bespoke solutions catering to the needs of unique project requirements. Our technologies ensure the perfect finish is achievable on a routinely basis - by neither overprocessing nor under-processing workpiece surfaces with a consistent force and speed applied by the robot. This ensures products are not damaged in the deburring process, but finished quickly and safely, and always to a high standard.

Our end of arm solutions are compatible with all major robot brands, meaning we can design and manufacture electrical and mechanical componentry for direct integration into your processes. We further offer installation and full commissioning by our expert engineers for a complete service.

The Adelphi team works closely with our clients during our design and manufacturing processes, including offering testing and reporting on deburring end of arm tooling to ensure they are suitable for their application, for total customer satisfaction.

Robotic deburring is a finishing process which removes burrs, edges, and other surface inconsistencies from a workpiece. It is an automatic process in this case, completed by a robotic arm, however it can be completed manually, too.

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