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Automation can play a vital part in the development of the construction industry, especially during offsite production.

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Design and prototyping processes alongside the production of parts and prefabricated components can all benefit from automation. Automation enables for uniform, precise, and reliable parts which meet industry regulation.

Adelphi Automation produces bespoke automation systems for the production of residential, commercial and new build construction. We help you to meet the demand of the construction industry and boost your productivity with intelligent and intuitive automation systems which can span across your departments or offer a singular system solution.

At Adelphi Automation, we have decades of experience providing complete bespoke automation systems, and can design systems for a range of production processes. Our engineers work closely with your team to understand the requirements of the project and your environment, supported by a site visit, so we can provide you with solutions that meet your expectations.

By automating production operations, and increasing the potential for prefabrication components and modular buildings, onsite construction benefits from quicker installation and inspection processes. Further reduce part damage or production errors with automation designed to detect faults for increased profitability of your processes.

Our experienced team supports you throughout the whole process, from determining the robot system most suitable for your application to installation, commission and ongoing maintenance requirements. Our excellent standards of service ensure total peace of mind for our clients.

Adelphi can provide automation systems for the construction industry, including, but not limited to:

  • Robotic welding
  • Automatic assembly lines
  • Robotic palletising
  • Automatic leak test equipment

Invest in the development of the construction industry and enquire about Adelphi’s automation systems today.

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