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Streamline your supply chain by automating production processes for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Adelphi Automation


Adelphi’s bespoke automation capabilities enable you to develop your production processes for greater efficiency and speed, reducing the time it takes to get your product to market, without ever compromising on the quality of your products.

At Adelphi, we understand the importance of maintaining exacting industry standards and the integrity of products produced by the pharmaceutical industry. Supported by years of experience developing automation, we work alongside our clients to produce automation that performs to expectation.

Work with Adelphi’s experienced engineers to automate your processes, whether you’re looking for a singular automation system or one which covers multiple processes from the laboratory to final production. We can design and manufacture bespoke inspection and test solutions involving the latest vision technology for fault detection, suitable for both inventory management and supply chain production tasks. Our work enables you to implement standardisation across products, whilst meeting demand and increasing your profitability.

With the ability to work in a sanitary environment, Adelphi is able to produce clean room robotics and medical equipment manufacturing systems which always undergo thorough testing and are CE and UKCA certified.

We offer an extensive range of automation for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, including, but not limited to:

  • End of line palletising
  • Serialisation and aggregation
  • Visual inspection systems
  • Labelling systems
  • High speed conveyor systems

Refine your production processes without compromising on the integrity and quality of products with Adelphi Automation.

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