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Introduce state-of-the-art automation into your production processes for the aerospace industry. Whether undertaking manufacture, testing, or assembly, automation is increasingly becoming an essential part of the aerospace industry, with the ability to maximise productivity whilst minimising costs.

Adelphi Automation


Adelphi specialises in designing and producing bespoke automation systems suitable for the aerospace industry to help you to enhance the potential of your processes.

With over three decades of experience, our dedicated and innovative team thrive taking on a variety of challenges designing and producing mechanical and electrical componentry for automation. We offer singular automation solutions or a combined package, working with you to find a custom solution that addresses all project requirements. These solutions may range from conglomerating operations across your facility into a sole process, or designing a completely new full turnkey system.

Investing in automation enables you to enhance the profitability of your processes. Automation systems can increase the productivity, accuracy, and efficiency of your manufacturing, testing, assembly, and packaging processes whilst maintaining high levels of security. Further reduce the costs of your processes, by minimising defects, waste, and downtime with a system which works hard for you.

This is true across all applications of automation in aerospace, including:

  • Robotic drilling
  • Robotic deburring
  • Robotic screw fastening
  • Automated testing
  • Automated assembly lines

As part of this, Adelphi provides a full service, from design to installation and final commission, working to exacting standards with ongoing maintenance programmes to ensure your automation systems continue to perform as expected.

If you’re interested in how Adelphi’s automation solutions can further your processes within the aerospace industry, talk to a member of our team today.

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