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Expand your offerings or streamline current processes with automation designed for optimum performance.

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Automation can help you increase the offerings of your foundry through the integration of auxiliary processes, or refine your current processes for greater productivity and accuracy. No matter your goals, Adelphi can offer expert advice and guidance on how to make your business more profitable with automation.

Backed by over thirty years of experience in the automation industry, Adelphi’s team has worked alongside a multitude of metal fabricators, and can offer the foundry industry the support they need to automate their processes.

We have a dedicated customer service department and team of in-house designers and engineers in order to design and create your bespoke automation system from initial consultation through to final commission. Our solutions can take on a variety of forms; from singular robotic tooling to full turn-key systems incorporating several operations, they are the result of site surveys and in-depth design processes to ensure our work is in line with your expectations.

Our work is always tested and CE and UKCA certified, with reporting, CLAs and extended warranties available, so you can be sure that your equipment is performing to the highest standard.

Increase your ability to produce cast products in-house to the highest standard, from processing to finishing operations, with the help of:

  • Robotic deburring
  • Robotic screw fastening
  • Robotic welding
  • Robotic handling cells

Contact Adelphi to find out more about our above automation systems or to discuss a bespoke solution for your operations.

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