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Achieve repeatable and accurate adhesive dispensing every time with Adelphi’s automated glueing solutions, custom designed for your operation.

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Robotic Glueing

Working with liquids, particularly adhesives, often presents issues within production processes. Industrial fastening solutions, made attainable by robots, provide the answer to this - offering a repeatable and precise operation for sealing, glueing and bonding applications. Automated fastening solutions standardise your glueing processes for consistency and accuracy across product batches, as well as reduce waste and error.

Adelphi Automation offers a range of options tailored to your needs, from conventional robots to cobots (collaborative robots) for robotic glueing. Cobots are particularly useful for adhesive dispensing due to being smaller than traditional robots, therefore perfect for integration into an assembly line.

Adelphi offers the entire solution, tailored to your business needs - from choosing the correct robot or cobot, to designing the end of arm tooling for your processes, followed by installation and commissioning.

Our expert team provides a full design consultation to understand the requirements of a project and your environment, so that we can form a solution which works for you.

Robotic glueing is the automation of adhesive dispensing by robots or cobots (collaborative robots) to bond two or more workpieces together. By automating this process, monotonous tasks are taken from human workforces, and glueing can be achieved quicker and more accurately.

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