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Consumer Goods

It is essential that consumer goods are produced to market standards in a time- and cost-effective manner.

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Consumer Goods

At Adelphi, we understand the needs of the consumer goods industry, and, with the help of our bespoke automation systems, we can ensure your production processes are designed to meet these requirements.

Automation can assist in many of the operations required during the production of consumer goods, from assembly to end of line preparations - helping you to increase the productivity of processes and quality of your products to meet consumer demands. Adelphi’s wide range of automation systems means we can approach your project with an open mind, forming solutions based around your requirements and reengineering your production processes for increased profitability.

Automating your processes ensures you can produce high quality goods, with the flexibility to produce a range of goods to cater to consumer demand. With a reduction in waste and error, this can be achieved with complete time- and cost-efficiency, increasing the profitability of your operations overall. Adelphi’s fully tested CE and UKCA marked products are further available with a maintenance schedule, so you can minimise the downtime you face.

Whether looking for fully automated systems or partially automated, Adelphi can supply you with the right system for your environment. Our applications for the consumer goods industry includes, but is not limited to:

  • Automated assembly lines
  • Material handling automation
  • Robotic glueing
  • Automatic labelling systems
  • Robotic palletising

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