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Robotic Screw Fastening

Expand the functionality of your robotics with Adelphi’s automated fastening systems.

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Robotic Screw Fastening

Our systems, used for automated screw fastening, speed fastening and other fastening applications, utilise multiple and interchangeable end of arm tooling which accommodates many different fasteners in varying lengths and diameters.

Adelphi specialises in bespoke automation systems, meaning our solutions are formed based upon the requirements of your production operations. Our systems can therefore range from singular end of arm tooling, to more complex automation which allows for other processes to be incorporated within the same cell. Adelphi’s tooling is compatible with all major robot brands, so we can seamlessly integrate it into robotics familiar to you.

We are further able to hold stock, perfect for fastening systems which may require replacement of worn parts or a change in parts to accommodate new fasteners, without the downtime associated with these procedures.

Adelphi’s automated fastening systems are designed to increase the profitability of your operations with high performance robotics to improve your productivity and efficiency. Take advantage of our quick response times and expert team to enquire about a bespoke fastening system for your business.

Automated fastening systems automate the process of fastening workpieces together; this may be through picking, driving, and fastening screws, as well as other fastening methods.

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