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Adelphi’s automation systems can help streamline the production of ceramics manufacturing for construction, industry and commercial goods.

Adelphi Automation


With systems to improve your product handling and processing within ceramics plants, achieve greater quality and efficiency within your processes. Supported by decades of experience helping businesses do just this, Adelphi can find the right solution for you.

Adelphi works closely with our clients to achieve a high quality and reliable product. Beginning with a site survey typically completed within 24 hours in the UK, our engineers design a bespoke system for your requirements; this could be a singular automation solution or the automation of several processes across departments. With in-house manufacturing abilities, we then provide the electrical and mechanical components for your automation system, complete with installation and commission carried out by our team, with the aim of increasing the profitability of your processes.

For the ceramics industry, our systems will consider dedicated materials handling and ceramics processing cells; reduction of waste and increase of accuracy with in-line weighing systems; vision inspection systems for fault detection; and much more. Our solutions span the entirety of production processes and the handling of all sizes and weights of products; they offer many benefits for ceramics manufacturing, including increased quality, efficiency and productivity.

Take a look through our range of automation solutions for the ceramics industry, such as:

  • Materials handling automation
  • Robotic handling cells
  • Visual inspection system

Craft beautiful and high-performance ceramics for all applications with Adelphi’s automation systems.

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