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Remain competitive within the plastics industry with bespoke automation systems.

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The plastics industry is increasingly using automation to expand their production potential at a more profitable rate. In order to stay competitive within this industry, invest in automation which truly serves your operations.

Adelphi’s automatic and semi-automatic bespoke solutions are fabricated around your existing structures and processes, with the idea of making them more efficient, productive and profitable. Our team, from the customer service department to our engineers, are experienced working alongside the plastics industry, offering high levels of ongoing support during our relationship to ensure you receive high quality and reliable solutions.

Our systems span all areas of plastic production, whether you're looking to develop areas of processing, handling, assembly, or end of line. We provide both the electronic and mechanical componentry, which is compatible with all major robot brands.

Upon a site visit, our engineers can work with you to explore the different solutions that will work for your business, helping you to standardise your production, improve productivity, and reduce damage and faults occurring to parts. A reduction in waste will further help your processes to become more environmentally friendly - something that is becoming a pressing concern within the industry.

You can be sure our team can find the right automation system for your operations, with our solutions ranging across the following areas:

  • Processing such as moulding and extrusion
  • Material handling automation
  • Vision inspection systems
  • Automated assembly lines
  • Robotic packaging

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